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Best Dentist in Flushing, New York - Think Dental Group
Knocked-out Permanent Tooth Flushing, New York - Think Dental Group

How to manage tooth sensitivity until your next appointment.

Tooth sensitivity in Flushing, New York occurs when you experience a tingling or painful sensation when eating cold or hot foods or when you brush your teeth.

Teeth become sensitive when the dentin (the porous, yellow tissue situated under a tooth’s enamel) is exposed. Dentin has small channels called tubules that function as nerve pathways. This allows your tooth nerves to cause sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to stimuli.

Examine your mouth to see if there’s an obvious cause for their tooth sensitivity, like a chipped or cracked tooth. Tooth decay can also cause tooth sensitivity. These issues require prompt dental care to prevent infection and damage to your tooth. If there’s no obvious cause for your sensitive tooth, schedule a dentist appointment and make sure that you’re using proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Brushing the teeth too hard can damage their enamel, cause gum recession, and expose the underlying dentin. Often, using a sensitive toothpaste can help minimize this type of sensitivity.

Flushing, New York tooth sensitivity is rarely a dental emergency. Unless your tooth sensitivity is accompanied by other symptoms, like swollen or bleeding gums, severe tooth pain, a dental abscess, or obvious damage to the tooth, you don’t need to seek emergency dental care. Instead, call us and schedule an appointment so we can explore the reason for your tooth sensitivity.


Our Flushing, New York same-day dentists treat Tooth Sensitivity. No-waiting. Dental emergencies call now.

Tooth Sensitivity Flushing, New York


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